A versatile astrologer, Debra is also a talented speaker who has given astrological presentations, classes and lectures to audiences of all ages in many locations. She has spoken at astrological conferences from Niagara Falls to New Orleans. She has been the keynote speaker for astrological study groups and NCGR chapters from Ann Arbor to Miami. Deb has made television appearances and done live talk radio shows, providing readings to listeners who called in without rehearsal. Following is a short list with rates for her most frequently requested services. Please feel free to contact Debra if you have a request or an idea for a service not listed. Most clients call for private readings, but as a Fifth House Gemini, she is a natural who loves to entertain.


Surgical or other Elections $100
(as much time as needed)
Health Consultations $100
(minimum 1 hour)
Surgical or other Election and Health Consultation $150
(minimum 1 hour plus additional time as needed)
Astrological Entertainment

I am available to do private parties, psychic fairs, festivals, women’s showers, or other special events. The fee will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Please call or e-mail to make arrangements.

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