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Published in the ISAR Journal
August 2020, Vol. 49, Number 2, Pages 11 and 12
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Farewell, Dr. Chronos (Tom Goyett)

August 3, 1946 – June 3, 2020 By Debra K. Rozek, M.A., M.P.H.


Tom Goyett


Chart Data

Tom Goyett - birth
August 3 1946
5:10 a.m.
Bay City, Michigan

Tom Goyett - death
June 3, 2020
4:30 p.m.
Haslett, Michigan


Many astrologers from our senior generation will fondly remember Dr. Chronos/Tom Goyett as the voice of technical support for Matrix software. He worked there for many years prior to his 2005 retirement, when the company was still located in Big Rapids, Michigan. Tom also manned the Matrix table in vendor rooms at national conferences, demonstrating and selling software. His most memorable conference was the ARC (Aquarian Revelation Conference) at Michigan State University in East Lansing, 1993.

The three great loves of Tom’s life were computers, astrology, and his wife Janette who predeceased him. Tom also leaves behind a daughter, two granddaughters, and a cat named Miss Nibbie. His apartment was filled with computers, television sets, and a pile of remote controls no one else ever understood. His knowledge of astrology and computers was vast, as was his home library.

Birth and death charts are both presented here. The birth time is exact. His sister Linda believes the time of death to be very close, based upon cell phone records, Tom’s habits, and other information.

Tom Goyett was a double Leo with a Leo stellium that included Saturn, Ascendant, Mercury, Sun and Pluto. His Libra Moon at 24 degrees in the 4th house conjunct the Royal Star Spica, with Venus as the dispositor. You’ll quickly notice all of the other planets are oriental, in a bucket pattern with six vacant houses.

Tom Goyett Birth Chart

Tom epitomized the finest qualities of Leo being warm, generous, loyal, happy, optimistic and proud. He liked everybody and never complained, even through a prolonged battle with COPD. There were no oppositions in his chart and I never knew him to have an enemy.

Saturn in Leo, however, is in it’s detriment, powerful and “hidden” at zero degrees Leo in the 12th, dispositor being the Sun. Leo is fixed energy, and Tom was strong willed, determined, and set in his ways. Michael Erlewine, founder of Matrix, said that Tom was an “entity unto himself”. I always thought the “Dr. Chronos/Father Time handle was born of his Saturn and somehow defined him.

Tom’s Uranus is accidentally dignified in the 11th house in Gemini, conjunct his North Node. It also trines the Jupiter/Moon conjunction that surrounds the cusp of the 4th. It may have been Tom’s destiny to answer the telephones as technical support for Matrix software. He could chat computers and astrology all day while making lots of friends. Tom was always pleasant, friendly, and helpful to customers.

Programmer Stephen Erlewine said Matrix had a slew of customers that only wanted to talk to Tom, no one else. One of those customers, Dawne Botke-Coe said she was always happy when she got Tom on the phone because of the sincere personal interest he gave to her issues with kindness and warmth.

Tom Goyett Death Chart

Tom’s death chart has all of the planets occidental, in contrast to his birth chart. To me, it reflects the eternal dance of balancing dichotomies, as above/so below, yin/yang, etc. Dispositor of the Scorpio Moon, Pluto, is in the 4th. The planet of death is in the house of all endings with Jupiter and Saturn. Pat Perkins said that Jupiter often shows up prominently in death charts, it is the ultimate journey. Saturn, the cosmic timekeeper in the 4th, requires no further comment.

Tom was in a Saturn opposition when he passed away, with transit Saturn retrograde in Aquarius at 1 degree applying to oppose Tom’s Natal Saturn. Similarly, retrograde Pluto in the 4th was applying to square his Natal Moon within minutes.

Along with these major aspects, there were three conjunctions amongst transiting planets in Tom’s death chart. The Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini in the 8th squares Mars in Pisces in the 5th. It is believed that death came suddenly and without a struggle, most likely from a heart attack. It’s a general rule of thumb in medical astrology that the body part ruled by Saturn’s sign often has genetic weakness or functional deficiency. The Sun rules the heart and the 5th house.

Transiting Mars is applying in a wide conjunction to Neptune, which is inconjunct natal Jupiter. Transiting Scorpio Moon trines the midpoint of that conjunction. The two planets making the third conjunction in the death chart, Pluto and Jupiter in the 4th, have already been referenced.

As I close this memorial tribute to Tom Goyett, I revisit the zero degree Leo Saturn in the 12th. In the end, Tom died alone in his bedroom, and that’s probably how he wanted it. Like Frank Sinatra, Tom did it “My Way”. Rest in peace dear friend, comrade and mentor, Dr. Chronos, Tom Goyett.


Debra K. Rozek Debra Rozek is a seasoned Michigan astrologer and lifelong friend of Tom Goyett. Both from the Bay City area, they studied together under Win Rowe at Carole Ray's Mountain bookstore in Lansing. They worked together for Matrix software in Big Rapids. Until his death, they chatted astrology daily over the phone, regularly exchanging websites and YouTube videos on astrology, metaphysics, current events and other topics. Deb's website is

Published in the ISAR Journal
August 2020, Vol. 49, Number 2, Pages 11 and 12
Click here for the full PDF ISAR Journal.


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